Essential Coaching Skills

In-House Training Webinars
Via secure online Zoom video meeting  |  Up to 10 people

Our series of webinars will allow you to gain coaching skills, knowledge and tools and provide lots of opportunity to practice these in a safe and supportive environment.

4x 90-minute sessions | up to 10 people | £1459

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Essential Coaching Skills

A series of live, interactive webinars to give you the knowledge, practical skills and confidence to implement coaching in your workplace, to improve individual and team performance.

Who is it for?

  • Business Owners
  • Supervisors and managers working at any level
  • New or aspiring managers
  • Anyone who wishes to improve their own or other’s performance at work

This programme will help you to

  • Understand what coaching is, including benefits, uses and restrictions
  • Understand the difference between coaching and ‘coaching conversations’
  • Gain skills in Active Listening
  • Understand the difference between Coaching and Mentoring – and when to use each effectively
  • Build a toolkit of basic coaching tools and approaches
  • Understand and utilise the GROW model – a framework for coaching
  • Practice new skills and techniques in a safe and supportive environment

How can coaching help?

Coaching is a highly effective way to develop skills and maximise workplace performance.

It works by taking a positive approach to problem-solving and learning. In this way, negative, self-limiting beliefs are turned into positive action and results.

Coaching is used world-wide by thousands of individuals, businesses and organisations. It is suitable for people working at all levels, from front-line staff to executives and directors.

Coaching enables people to gain clarity, perspective and resilience and encourages reflection, motivation and personal ownership. In doing so it improves individual and team performance

Coaching can improve individual and team performance in areas including:
  • Decision making
  • Leadership skills
  • Business and strategic development
  • Productivity
  • Time management & work-life balance
  • Confidence building
  • Resilience & stress management
  • Interpersonal skills/ conflict management

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Good news!

Whilst you will have opportunity to practice the knowledge and skills learnt on these webinars, we DON’T DO ROLE PLAY!

Instead we practice using actual coaching issues in groups and pairs. This allows you to receive coaching and experience the benefits for yourself whilst on this programme.


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