Manage Stress & Build Personal Resilience Webinar

Our practical and interactive 2-hour webinar will give you the tools and insights to manage your stress and build personal resilience, both at work and home.


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Manage Stress & Build Personal Resilience Webinar

3rd July 2020

Increased workload, fewer resources and a lack of job security can all result in high staff turnover, lack of productivity and in some cases, mental health and wellbeing problems.

We now find ourselves in an unknown situation, with extensive change and uncertainty, health anxieties about ourselves and our loved ones, in addition to having to find new ways of working.

We offer a practical and interactive webinar to identify and overcome the causes and effects of stress.

Our training will allow you to develop coaching-based approaches that can be used both in the workplace and personally, allowing you to enhance your own wellbeing and resilience and that of others, to build a more positive and productive working life.

This course will help you to:
• Understand the physiological and psychological causes of stress and how to manage these.
• Utilise practical coaching techniques to maximise personal and professional control and resilience.
• Understand barriers to personal wellbeing and resilience and develop strategies to overcome these.
• Develop practical approaches and strategies to support yourself, and others.

Suitable For:
Business owners, managers, teachers and staff working at any level, who wish to manage their own stress and build personal resilience.

Date: Fri 3rd July 2020
Time: 9.30 – 11.30am

Venue:   Zoom Webinar

Course Cost:

£40 per person

Cost Includes: Webinar and downloadable workbook


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