Time Management & Work-Life Balance Webinar

Our interactive 2-hour webinar will enable you to overcome the current challenges, whether you’re working from home or a workplace. We will show you how to create your own time management system, to achieve optimum work-life balance and professional productivity.


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Time Management and Work-Life Balance Webinar

8th July 2020

Time management has never been more of an issue than right now, with the Covid-19 virus affecting everyone’s life. Work and home have merged for many people, with work-life balance an ambiguous term.  Days can meld into one, with no discernible weekend, or day off.  A lack of motivation or overwhelm can bring difficulty in getting in the right work mindset, or once started it’s difficult to know when to stop working, resulting in fatigue and burnout.

We have designed an interactive webinar to enable you to take control back of your time and create your own time management system. This incorporates both personal and professional goals, giving you the ability to achieve optimum work-life balance and professional productivity.

WARNING! This is not the usual, run-of-the-mill time-management approach to minimising time-wasters/prioritising tasks, etc. We understand that you don’t have time to start making extensive lists of timewasters and completing time-tracking forms.

Instead, we use a positive, coaching-based approach to Time Management to give you practical tools you can personalise, to achieve tangible personal and professional results.

We work with small groups to better meet your needs and allow time for discussion and questions.

This course will help you to:
• Learn and utilise techniques and tools pioneered by leading coaches and business experts
• Build your own personalised Time Management System to maximise your personal and professional time
• Use goal-setting and coaching skills and techniques to gain focus and stay on track
• Be more effective when homeworking
• Stay productive whilst working in the technological age.
• Avoid burnout and overwhelm

This webinar is suitable for:
Staff and managers working at any level, who wish to manage their time more successfully and gain a better Work-Life Balance.
Date: Weds 8th July 2020
Time: 1-3pm
Venue:  Zoom Webinar
Course Cost: £40 per person
Cost Includes: All course materials and downloadable, fillable workbook.


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