Team Coaching

Our Team Coaching programmes will help your teams build responsibility and accountability and support your school through challenges and changes

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Team Coaching for Schools

In-House via Zoom Video Link

Are you looking for a way to enable your teams to take individual and collective responsibility for their own success and that of your school?

Are you looking for a way through the current challenging situation that will leave your teams and school more resilient?

If so, we recommend Team Coaching.

Team Coaching is a way to implement the approaches and benefits of coaching within a group and organisational context.

Working with groups of people – rather than 1:1 – teams work together to overcome issues that they and/or their school are facing. This enables them to build a positive, problem-solving approach to their work.

Team Coaching can be used for:

  • Supporting teams to work through times of change or crisis
  • Implementing projects
  • Building new teams
  • Developing and supporting leadership and management teams
  • Supporting individuals within peer groups

How does it work?

  • Groups or teams of between 4 and 10 people are identified
  • These groups meet on a regular basis – e.g. weekly/fortnightly/monthly
  • Can be online via video meeting, or in-person
  • Sessions last between 1 ½ and 2 hours
  • A programme of sessions is agreed – we recommend at least 4 sessions
  • Team Coaching – a coach/facilitator supports the group to identify the issue they wish to work on, with clear outcomes


  • Peer Coaching – Individuals within the group set out their own issue they would like to work on that week
  • The group are supported to use incisive questioning and coaching tools to seek solutions to the identified issues
  • The group or individual then decide actions they will take by the next session
  • These actions are reviewed at the beginning of each session

 What are the benefits of Team Coaching?

  • An effective tool in change and crisis management
  • Builds personal and collective responsibility
  • Brings accountability
  • Helps with team-building
  • Helps team to develop coaching skills
  • Develops a positive, solution-focused mindset with clear outcomes
  • Excellent for leadership development – builds confidence and reflective skills
  • Builds a cohesive team approach to issues
  • Allows individuals and teams to feel supported within the school
  • Helps to manage stress and build resilience
  • Builds more agile teams and ways of working

Who is it for?

  • Aspiring leaders
  • Subject/Year groups
  • NQT’s/RQT’s
  • Peer groups within schools
  • Function/back office teams
  • Work groups

Date: We will arrange times and dates and frequency of sessions to suit you

Venue:  Zoom Webinar

Cost:   £780 for 4 x 2-hour sessions for up to 10 people

Special Offer!  £975 for 6 x 2-hour sessions!  Means you get the 6th session FREE!

Cost Includes: Any coaching materials.  Coach facilitation.  Online meeting via Zoom platform.

Cost Excludes:  Travelling costs for coach, room hire, refreshments, any additional profiling tools.

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